During this year’s Building Envelope Contractors Conference, Lyle Hill caught up with a few attendees and presenters to talk about some of the changes and developments that are affecting the industry. Watch the video below for a closer look at those conversations.

Click HERE to watch the video on Youtube.


  1. […] I don’t really consider myself a reporter-journalist. Not even close. And I am not about to pretend to be one either … especially when I am working with Deb Levy and some of her award-winning reporters. People like Tara Taffera, Penny Stacey, Megan Headley and Casey Neeley would probably chuckle at me … politely, of course, because they are nice people … if I ever claimed to be a credible reporter-journalist BUT, I think I may have pulled off what they would call a scoop and I want to get this news out there as soon as I can because I am so proud of the fact that I not only have this information but that I got it first. So here it is: Glass Performance Days is coming to America! For the first time ever! This highly respected bi-annual event, which draws all of the glass industries great thinkers, is coming to the states for the first time in its history. I got this very important tidbit of information while doing an interview with Ed Zaucha (CEO of International Enclosure Specialist APG) at the BEC event in Las Vegas earlier this week. Ed let the news out and then I later confirmed it while talking with Ed and none other than Jorma Vitkala (Glass Performance Days director) who had traveled all the way from Tampere, Finland, to attend BEC. Tentatively, the event is scheduled for mid-July 2014 in Philadelphia. Watch for much, much more information on this and if you have a minute, you can check out some of the actual interview by clicking here. […]

  2. Great conference coverage Lyle

    Enjoyed meetin you as well and I look forward to GPD Philly 2014!

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