Bel Pre Glassworks, based in Rockville, Md., has invested in an ATS 4.0 2500 4200 Xtreme Profile Convection from Mappi. The company previously purchased a Fox 1500 3200 Eco Convection from Mappi in 2012.

“As a family-operated business, we care greatly about our employee’s and our customers. These are our two main concerns. With that in mind, we have continually looked for ways to improve, to meet the needs of our customers and to stay current,” says a statement from Bel Pre Glassworks. “We’re happy to have Mappi as a partner, not only a supplier, because we have found that they have the same philosophy amd the same respect for the customer. Mappi understood our need and showed us that the most important component of a furnace is not only the steel and the high-end electronics but the deep knowledge of the tempering process as well as the passion and desire to be better. Mappi continues to focus on this goal just as we do.”