Benada Aluminum LLC will open a new production line on July 20 in Sanford, Fla. The company will have an annual capacity of 60-million pounds of aluminum extrusions. The new line will also create additional jobs.

“With a favorable business climate in Florida, we are excited to add this capacity and optimistic about the future of Benada,” said president Jim Piperato. “We’re also looking forward to adding more jobs to the community.”

When the current management team took control of Benada in 2015, the company employed 110 people. After the most recent expansion, Piperato anticipates employing 250 people by September of this year.

Florida imports more aluminum than 35 other states, according to figures compiled by the Brookings Institution, and Benada is one of the larger domestic aluminum extruders in the state.

Most of the extrusions produced by Benada are for the pool and patio enclosure, distribution, fenestration and fence markets.

Several public officials have been invited to attend the July 20 ribbon cutting and the company anticipates many will participate along with all of the employees. Ceremonies begin at 10 a.m. at the company location in Sanford.