Ready for Action: Establishing Employee Objectives is Key to Success

By Richard Voreis

In my last article we talked about climbing Mount Everest and how setting goals was important to the success of this adventure. If you recall, a climber set four specific and focused goals with timelines supported by what it takes to make them a reality. These are similar to what I’ve discussed in many of my articles: company goals need to be specific, measurable and focused.

Establishing annual company goals is only the first step in the process of enhancing the success of your company. They need to be supported by employee objectives, or action plans as we call them at my company. These lead to success and hold everyone accountable for the success of the company—not just the owner.

Establishing employee action plans supporting the company goals is relatively easy, but it doesn’t always happen that way. In some cases these objectives aren’t as effective as they need to be. It takes some work to create ones that are effective, results-oriented and motivational.


Here are the three basic criteria for establishing effective employee action
plans. They should be:
• Specific;
• Measurable; and
• Time-framed.

In over 18 years of consulting in the glass and glazing industry, we’ve found that successful companies follow a management system focusing on specific, measurable and time-framed employee objectives. This supports the annual company goals, enhances accountability and drives results.

Action plans tell “how” each employee (management and staff) will impact the success of the company’s annual goals, which say “what” the company wants to achieve. In other words, what is each employee going to do to make the company successful? Everyone from the top to the bottom of the organization has a role. Remember, what gets measured gets accomplished. More specifically, if each staff member has their own specific and personalized plans, then everyone is working toward common goals. It complements employee empowerment and it ensures everyone is working on the right things. Everyone is on the same page.


• Do your employees have action plans that are specific, measurable and time-framed?
• Are all your employees working toward common company goals?
• Are all your employees working on the right things?
• Are all your employees on the same page?

If you answered “no” to some of these questions I can help you answer “yes;” just keep reading my articles. What I’m going to share in the future will be helpful to you and to the success of your company. If you answered “no” to all of these questions then I’m really going to help you, so stay tuned. Be honest, how are you doing answering my questions? If you’re not doing so well, you’ll need to pay close attention to future articles because they’ll get you on track to improving the performance of your employees, your company and your profitability.

Richard Voreis is the founder and CEO of Consulting Collaborative in Dallas. His column appears bi-monthly. Email him at and read his blog on Wednesdays at

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