The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) has announced the publication of five revisions to the ANSI/BHMA Standards. The industry standards recently approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) are:

  • A156.18 Materials and Finishes;
  • A156.20 Strap Hinges, Tee Hinges and Hasps;
  • A156.24 Delayed Egress Locking Systems;
  • A156.26 Continuous Hinges; and
  • A156.29 Exit Locks, Exit Alarms, Alarms for Exit Devices.

“BHMA rolled out five revised publications in the last quarter of 2012 as the standards completed their revision cycle,” says BHMA executive director Ralph Vasami. “Publishing a revised standard for the industry translates into enhancements to each product’s engineering and design. Raising the bar for hardware performance and product life can directly impact the safety and security of the facility – especially the people that occupy it.”

ANSI/BHMA Standard A156.18 describes finish test methods and code numbers for finishes on base materials, developed to ensure quality control of the hardware finish.

ANSI/BHMA Standard A156.20 establishes the requirements for strap hinges, tee hinges and hasps. In addition, it specifies performance tests covering operational and strength principles.

ANSI/BHMA Standard A156.24 addresses conventional exit devices or locks causing the doors to remain locked after releasing actuation.

ANSI/BHMA Standard A156.26 sets requirements for architectural continuous hinges used in building construction.

ANSI/BHMA Standard A156.29 addresses the performance of exit locks, exit alarms and alarms for exit devices.