After a two-year wait, the glass and glazing industry has once again gathered in Atlanta for the GlassBuild America trade show. While exhibitors say they really didn’t know what to expect going into the show, they all agreed it’s important to see people face-to-face—or mask-to-mask this year. The show also continues to provide an opportunity for companies to introduce new products, partnerships and more.

The demand to handle, move and lift jumbo-sized glass continues to drive new innovations for Ergo Robotic Systems. Alan Nudi, said they have a lifter so new it doesn’t yet have a formal name. “We call it The New Machine,” he said. The lifter weighs 1100 pounds and has a lifting capacity of 1000 pounds. Nudi said it’s a trimmed down model compared to some of the others, “so some features are manual, which allowed us to the lower the price point,” he said. The machine is ideal for a company just getting started with this type of equipment.

Also new for Ergo is its Plumb Line-8000, a below the hook lifter that has an 8000-pound capacity. Nudi said they unique feature for this model is that it can hold the glass perfectly plumb.

More news at the show came from Diamon-Fusion International, which recently partnered with ICD Coatings. Syndi Sim explained that their DFI coating is compatible with ICD’s Opaci-Coat 3000 and can be applied over it. As part of this research, ICD conducted internal tests upon hand-applied and FuseCube applied DFI protective glass coating over the top of OPACI-COAT-300 coated glass. Simm explains this now provides more opportunities and possibilities for customers to use the products.

For anyone walking the show looking for CRL, they may have had to look twice, finding the company in a sleek new booth style. Compared to years past, when CRL would display a vast selection from its catalog, this year the company opted to showcase its complete solutions, including entrance doors and hardware, bi-folding doors, railings and more.

One big feature—literally—was the display of the new Blumcraft PA 100 Panic Device on a 12-foot glass door.

“It’s all getting bigger—the glass, loads, handles …” said Mirjana Komadina, vice president of product design and development.

CRL also featured its Palisades folding door system, which has no exposed hinges. This helps create clean lines and aesthetics.

“Nothing interrupts the seal line,” said Komadina, adding the doors can go up to 10 feet tall.

The GlassBuild America show continues today and tomorrow in Atlanta. Stay tuned to for more news and updates from the show.

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