Bob Lang with his wife, Cindy, and their grandchildren.

After more than 50 years with Billco Manufacturing, solution specialist Bob Lang is retiring from the company.

He was noted as an idol employee, always promoting professionalism, according to the company. A former competitor remembered Lang as “a fair and honest man and his reputation and character were above reproach.” He hosts a wealth of knowledge and expertise that one can only obtain through experience and passion, according to the company.

“Even in his 53rd year, Bob still forwards articles to educate and share with his co-workers and peers. He truly loves his job, this industry and educating others,” reads a company statement.

Bob spent his first two years at Billco working on the shop floor while he finished his bachelor’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh at night. He was hired as a sales assistant to the vice president of sales for Billco in the spring of 1968, exactly 51 years ago.

One of Lang’s most cherished projects at Billco was working with Hugh Trautmann on the development of the world’s very first CNC/XYZ/Contour Glass cutting machine, the software to support it and his time spent introducing it at the glass shows in both the U.S. and Germany. Lang also values his involvement with the development of Billco’s flat glass laminating assembly line, according to the company.

Lang recalls one of his favorite projects was working directly with Ford to develop a custom washer, designed to specifically eradicate all their cleaning and washer maintenance issues. Winning the contract resulted in a blanket order over the next few years for more than 100 washers. He also recalls his time spent with a new group, initially called the Glass Tempering Association, that later grew to become GANA/NGA. It was here that Bob made friendships that are still active today, according to the company.

Lang plans to enjoy his time with his young grandchildren and his wife, Cindy, and continue his time volunteering a few times a week at the Mars, Pa., Historical Society.

“He will miss all the wonderful people he worked with and became friends with over the years. He is so appreciative of the trust, generosity and opportunity the Billinger family afforded him during his time at Billco. He lastly mentions that he is grateful to be blessed with good health to permit him to continue doing all the things he enjoys during his retirement,” reads a company statement.

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