Bohle AG announced it acquired Ransart, Belgium-based cutting wheel producer Lixon sprl, the second largest supplier of the industry sector in Europe.

Negotiations regarding the acquisition of all company assets, including machines, customer data, trademark rights, patents and production goods— not including a succession in title—were conducted at glasstec 2014.

“With the takeover of Lixon´s business activities, Bohle reinforces its leading position in cutting technology for float or automotive glass producers and for companies which process glass at an industrial scale,” says Christoph Schmidt, vice president of sales at Bohle AG. “The high Lixon quality successfully rounds off the supreme quality Bohle cutting wheel portfolio and enables us to address new target groups.”

According to Schmidt, the first priority now is to guarantee the uninterrupted supply of existing Lixon customers with cutting technology in order to ensure a smooth production flow.

“The development and production of cutting wheels is the core of Bohle as a company,” says Schmidt. “We have been understanding processes and markets for more than 90 years. The former Lixon customers will benefit from our long standing experience and performance.”