Boon Edam Inc., a producer of security entrances and architectural revolving doors, announced its new production line for its Lifeline Optical turnstiles is now operational at the company’s Lillington, N.C., factory.

“When the Lifeline Series was originally launched in 2014, the demand in the Americas was exceptionally strong,” says Mark Borto, president and CEO of commercial operations at Boon Edam Inc. “We had so many inquiries back then it was hard to manage delivery expectations. One of the hardest factors was the long lead time because they were made and shipped from Holland.”

He adds, “We knew early on that we needed to build a production line at our USA factory to deliver the product within our customer’s timeframe. Other benefits include being able to directly manage product quality and respond quickly to any need for spare parts.”

Planning and design of the production line started in the summer of 2016.