Technology company Robert Bosch LLC, widely known as Bosch, received the go-ahead from the Federal Communications Commission to pursue “the certification and marketing of the newest version of its UWB wall imaging system.” In an order dated January 4, the FCC decided that allowing Bosch to proceed with launching the next-gen equipment would “allow Bosch to deploy its system to enhance the through-wall imaging capabilities for construction professionals.”

Specifically, Bosch was looking to bring its Wallscanner D-tect 200 Professional to market. As explained in the 2020 Request for Waiver, Bosch explained that the D-tect 200 is not a tool for consumers, but for “skilled professional deployment in the construction trade, for detection and inspection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electric cables, wooden beams, plastic pipes, and for identification of structural flaws within construction materials.”

The Wallscanner D-tect 200 is a follow up to the Bosch Wallscanner D-tect 150 Professional product, which also needed an FCC waiver that was granted in 2011. A different operating system for the D-tech 200 required a new waiver, for which Bosch filed a request in April 2020. In applying for the D-tech 200 waiver, Bosch explained that “the minimum bandwidth requirement for UWB devices can be met for a frequency hopped UWB device, without any increase in the probability of interference to authorized narrowband and wideband systems.”

The waiver was granted under Section 1.3 of the Commission’s rules “if the petitioner demonstrates good cause for such action.”