VT_Brattleboro_Osgood_A1Vermont’s Brattleboro Retreat, a historic, regional specialty psychiatric hospital and addictions treatment center, recently completed an extensive facility remodel that includes psychiatric-grade windows from Wausau Window and Wall Systems.

Founded in 1834, Brattleboro Retreat’s treatment center consists of 58 buildings and sites. The facility treats children, adolescents and adults in their recovery from mental illness, psychological trauma and addiction.

Architectural firm Lavallee Brensinger and general contractor Engleberth Construction Inc., glazing contractor Greenfield Glass worked closely with Wausau Window and Wall Systems from the earliest stages of the project’s development.
Wausau’s staff conducted on-site visits to assess the aging facility’s structural integrity, then presented analysis and recommendations to enhance the whole building envelope.

“There was great concern that existing double-hungs weren’t safe and urgently needed to be retrofitted,” says Wausau’s health care market manager, Lisa May. “While patient safety was the first priority, they also very much wanted to preserve the facility’s historic look.”