The Brazilian Foreign Trade Chamber (Camex) has made antidumping charges levied on float glass imports from the United States and five other countries definitive. Provisional duties placed on the imported glass in July have now been made permanent.

According to the official resolution document, the duties were placed on imports from China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Mexico, in addition to the U.S.

Chinese companies dominate the list of producers and exporters in the duties, though the list includes six U.S. companies: Cardinal FG, Guardian Industries, Pilkington North America Inc., PPG Industries Inc., AGC Flat Glass North America Inc. and Demais.

The duties apply to colorless float glass with a thickness of two millimeters to 19 millimeters and will be applied for up to five years, according to the resolution.

Surcharges for imports from the U.S. range from $97.01 per tonne to $366.78 per tonne.

The specific duties per U.S. company are as follows:

  • Cardinal FG                                        $97.01
  • Guardian Industries Corp.                  $366.78
  • Pilkington North America Inc.           $366.78
  • PPG Industries Inc.                            $366.78
  • AGC Flat Glass North America, Inc. $177.81
  • Demais                                                $366.78

According to the Brazi-Arab News Agency, Brazil has imported $38.3 million worth of the glass from January to November this year, down from the $100.4 million from January to November of 2013. China, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Mexico, Turkey, the U.S, Spain, Germany, Colombia and Egypt have been the leading suppliers of the product, and imports from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, the United States and Mexico have declined sharply in 2014 from 2013, according to the agency. Imports from China, meanwhile, declined by a lower rate.

The full resolution document can be found here.