The U.S. saw better than expected job growth in June as the economy added 372,000 jobs and the unemployment rate remained at 3.6%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The country has gained around an average of 380,000 jobs over the past three months, which is well above pre-pandemic levels. The economy has also replaced all of the 21 million private-sector jobs lost at the beginning of the pandemic.

Several sectors posted strong job gains in June: Healthcare added 78,000, transportation and warehousing 36,000 and professional services gained 74,000.

Despite the positive growth, the residential building industry took a hit as contractors lost 4,500 jobs thanks to supply chain issues and other problems highlighting the nationwide housing shortage.

Additionally, labor force participation inched down to around 62.2% from 62.3%. This employment-population ratio measures the number of Americans working or actively seeking work. The figure is 1.2 percentage points below pre-pandemic levels seen in February 2020, according to Business Insider.