See What’s New in Glass and Glazing in Las Vegas This Month

GlassBuild America returns to Las Vegas for the 2018 show with approximately 450 exhibitors representing every aspect of the glass and fenestration industry. The show is set to take place in roughly 175,000 square feet of the Las Vegas Convention Center, and runs September 12-14. Here’s a look at some of what exhibitors will have on display.


Consolidated Glass Holdings: Booth 751

The Consolidated Glass Holdings Inc. (CGH) family of companies, including J.E. Berkowitz (JEB), Dlubak Specialty Glass, Global Security Glazing, Solar Seal and Columbia Commercial Building Products, will exhibit a wide range of architectural, security, and specialty glass products.

CGH will debut its expanded line of Invisiwall commercial shower doors, as well as other Invisiwall glass systems, including all-glass entrances and doors, and point-supported glass walls.

JEB will highlight its 3Seal HM+ warm-edge spacer system for insulating glass units (IGU), which features triple seal technology, including a high-strength and high-modulus silicone secondary sealant. This, according to the company, helps improve Argon gas retention and delivers a sleek sightline. Dlubak will display bent glass capabilities for commercial, residential, security and military applications. It is available in a variety of glass types—including insulating, low-E, laminated, tempered and monolithic.

Global Security Glazing will showcase its Childgard product line, which is constructed using an arrangement of proprietary transparent materials so the glazing can withstand extensive physical attack in forced-entry scenarios.

Guardian Glass: Booth 627

Guardian Glass will feature a number of architectural glass products, including its new bird-friendly coated glass, which combines the company’s Sun-Guard SNX-L 62/34 HT coated glass and triple-silver technology with frit patterns to mitigate bird collisions. The company’s Bird1st UV coatings can be combined with SunGuard coated glass and work with laminated glass so the glass is more visible to birds, but very subtle to the human eye.

In addition, the company will high-light its SunGuard low-E coatings portfolio and its UltraClear low-iron glass. Also new, will be the company’s Vacuum IG, which can deliver thermal insulation that, according to the company, can lower insulating glass unit U-value from 0.25 to 0.07.

Guardian Glass will also feature its new jumbo coated glass, which will launch this year.

Vitro Architectural Glass: Booth 817

Vitro Architectural Glass will highlight its new jumbo coater capability and debut samples of Acuity glass, a new low-iron glass substrate for Solarban solar control low-E glasses, which enables architects to enhance transparency and solar control in high-performance insulating glass units fabricated with products in the Solarban glass family.

Technical experts also will be available to discuss the company’s new jumbo magnetron sputtered vacuum deposition (MSVD) coater in Wichita Falls, Texas. The new coater can produce energy-efficient, high-performance low-E glasses in sizes up to 130 by 204 inches.

In addition, Vitro Glass will show-case its Starphire Ultra-Clear glass and Sungate passive low-E glasses, as well as patterned low-E Walker Textures AviProtek E bird-safe glass and decorative and spandrel glasses finished with Opaci-Coat 300 by ICD High Performance Coatings.

Walker Glass Co.: Booth 319

Walker Glass Co. Ltd. has combined resources with Pilkington North America to launch the Walker Textures Avi-ProtekT line of bird-friendly glass products. The technology is applied to the first surface of the glass and uses patented UV technology that is barely noticeable to the human eye, yet visible to birds. According to the company, Pilkington’s proprietary coating provides the UV enhanced reflective properties and Walker’s acid etch technology creates the standard and custom patterns needed to meet the various bird friendly regulations of jurisdictions across North America.


NACC: Booth 1574

The Architectural Glass and Metal Certification Council will highlight its North American Contractor Certification (NACC). According to the organization, NACC is the only certification program for architectural glass and metal contractors that’s ad-ministered by an independent, third-party organization and accredited by ANSI. The program is designed to recognize contractors taking the right steps to deliver the best possible end product by demonstrating consistency, quality and safety excellence. The program helps assure building owners, architects and general contractors that the job will be done right.


Quanex: Booth 1427

Several products including Super Spacer warm-edge spacer options will be featured in the Quanex booth. These include Super Spacer Tri-Seal and T-Spacer for high-performance commercial applications.

The company will also feature its Mikron C3-11300 AW-Rated window systems, a non-metallic door and window system to meet all requirements for architectural ratings per the North American Fenestration Standard. In addition, the Mikron SuperCapSR is a co-extruded color technology that becomes part of the profile, delivering scratch resistance and durability in variety of color options.

Other products include the Liniar bi-folding doors from HL Plastics, a Quanex Building Products company. These offer an alternative to traditional French doors or sliding patio doors and deliver slim sightlines and thermal performance. The company will also feature Edgetherm insulat-ing glass sealants.

PRL: Booth 241

PRL Glass & Aluminum will show-case a variety of glass and aluminum products, including its aluminum bi-fold accordion doors. The system is thermally-broken for increased energy efficiency with the option for differing finishes, including a wood veneer inside with a weather-resistant finish outside. It features air and water protection with an option for hurricane impact and sound control rating with laminated glass. The doors can be stacked to create an unobstructed view.

TRANSPORTATION Booth 719 will feature a 9-foot long by 8-foot high Atlas glass truck body with the Ford F250 bed. Its new features are engineered to up-grade capacity for transporting more glass per trip. Glass carrying bottom ledges are 8 inches deep—three inches deeper than the company’s standard ledge—and run the full length of the rack uninterrupted by fenders. The rear of the rack is equipped with a 2-foot long telescoping, horizontal extension to support wider sheets of glass. There’s also a newly designed goal post-to-front bumper metal carrier. It features low-friction plastic cross-bar covers that prevent scratches and make it easy to slide on long pieces of storefront window frame.

Racks feature posts and slats made from strong, custom aluminum extrusions to support glass, full-length horizontal and vertical padding to protect glass’s surface, and fabrication with Huck aircraft-grade fasteners. A steel sub-frame provides a rigid glass transport platform and a stable connection to the vehicle’s frame.

A flat, interior slip-resistant deck accessed by a rear step-bumper provides floor space for crates and tools. Adjust-a-poles with triangular neoprene cleats are included for securing cargo of varying thickness, and optional E-track and straps are installed on the inside and outside racks.

The company will also display super-poles with scissor-style cleats and the second ledge system for storing glass on the upper section of the rack when the ledge is occupied.

F. Barkow: Booth 1241

F. Barkow will showcase its Barkow 9-foot enclosed Workhorse with interior glass carrier. The exterior glass carriers measure 108-inches long by 96-inches tall with 6-foot ledgeboards. The Workhorse comes with six Stake-Loc self-locking stakes, a stake ladder, full height walk-in rear doors and a bulk-head toolbox. The interior features a dome light, hardwood floor, an aluminum interior glass carrier and the “Easy Rider” roller bar, designed to help load and unload glass on to an interior rack by reducing fatigue and the likelihood of accidents, according to the company.


Safti First – Booth 968

Fire-rated glazing products will be the focus for Safti First. The company recently announced that its GPX Fire-Floor System has the largest tested and listed individual panel sizes for both fully-captured and butt-glazed fire-resistive glass floor assemblies. It is listed and labeled by UL and Intertek/Warnock-Hersey for up to two hours. It features a single glass unit made with custom SuperLite II-XL fire-resistive glass combined with a tempered laminated walking surface that is top-loaded into a structural steel fire rated framing grid for easy installation.

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain: Booth 809

Keralite SafeGuard by Vetrotech Saint-Gobain is a fire-protective-rated glazing product designed to protect against fire, accidental impact and forced-entry. According to the company, testing shows that the product provides an additional two- to four-minutes of incident response time, as well as fire-protection for 20 minutes to three hours. It also has a 97.1 color rendering index and a low haze value.


Morse Industries: Booth 845

Morse Industries will display an adjustable glass railing system that’s new to the U.S. market. The Flex-Fit adjust-able railing system from OnLevel can accommodate glass thicknesses of ½ to 1-1/16-inches. Once the mechanism and glass panel is in place, the installer can use a sliding motion to adjust the glass up to 1-5/16-inches along the vertical axis before locking it securely in place. Flex-Fit can also be installed completely from the inboard side of a balcony or open floor, eliminating the need for ladders, scaffolding or special rigging.

Q-railing: Booth 1346

Q-railing will debut its Linear Light railing and handrail lighting system to the U.S. market. According to the company, the new system adds durable and long-lasting LED lighting to interior and exterior handrails and cap rails. Linear LED strips provide a continuous stream of warm or cool ambient white light. Hidden from view, the Q-lights system brings atmosphere to any balustrade and improves safety.


Access Hardware Supply: Booth 813

Access Hardware Supply (AHS) has expanded its Rixon line of closers and pivots. These include Rixson floor closers, which are ideal for use in museums and historical buildings as they have a long service life and are installed out of view.

According to AHS, most Rixson orders are available for same-day shipping.

Bohle: Booth 617

The new Bohle slider will make its debut at the show. According to the company, the carriages run quietly and the glass door feels like it is floating when being opened and closed. Measurement is not required to mount the glass in the clamping mechanism, and the clamp is placed flush with the edge of the glass. Special clamping inserts provide a secure and firm hold of the disc.

The new slider offers a range of solutions in both residential and commercial areas and can be used for a variety of design styles. This sliding door system works with the same profile in every weight category, so even with weight classes up to 150 kg the track profiles maintain a narrow appearance.

C.R. Laurence-Blumcraft: Booth 1227

The Entice Panic Device by C.R. Laurence-Blumcraft features an independent, ultra-narrow crash bar that’s engineered to easily and securely attach it to the vertical panic component. This two-piece system eliminates alignment issues and allows for a one-person installation, as well as specification of in-demand, back-to-back ladder pulls.

Evolving energy codes are requiring greater thermal performance from entrance systems, so the Entice Panic is designed for installation on both monolithic tempered glass doors, and double-glazed insulating glass units using proprietary through-glass fittings. The fittings allow broader tolerances for glass fabrication mis-alignments, helping to expedite door assembly.

Roto: Booth 837

Roto’s Inowa is a hardware solution to enhance the overall performance and functionality of a sliding patio door. Inowa, which stands for “Impermeable: No Water, No Air,” provides a high level of thermal performance, ac-cording to the company.

The hardware system incorporates a continuous gasket system around the operable sash, along with concealed lock points, even in the mullion area where the two sashes come together.

Assa Abloy: Booth 263

For existing glass openings that re-quire a more secure latch solution, Assa Abloy offers the panic device security latch adapter.The Security Latch Adapter [SL100] offers improved security and reliability for existing panic devices with rolling latches. Designed as a retro-fit solution for glass openings, with a patent pending solid latch, it also features more latch/strike engagement than roller wheel latches.

Assa Abloy has also introduced a new black suede (BSP) finish, available across a large, multi-brand offering of door hardware. Black suede is a permanent matte finish that the company says maintains its original suede-like appearance with no signs of dulling.

Security Door Controls: Booth 932

Security Door Controls (SDC) will bring its 480 Series wireless push plate kit and Auto EntryControl low energy swing door operator, which controls automatic door or electrified locking hard-ware with wireless push plate switch access. Each kit contains two 4½-inch push plate switches, two matching surface-mount back boxes, two wireless transmitters and one wireless nano receiver. Pressing any part of the push plate’s 4½-inch active area causes switch actuation to control automatic door operators, anti-burglar systems and help meet ADA compliance.

The Auto EntryControl low energy swing door operator has been updated with a 1-amp, 100W internal power supply for plug-n-play integration with various access and egress control system components. It provides a hands-free, low-power point of entry door control to help meet all U.S. and Canadian ADA requirements for door installations in retail storefronts, office buildings, campuses and healthcare facilities.

Security Lock Distributors: Booth 1273

Security Lock Distributors is now stocking TownSteel ligature-resistant locks, adding to the company’s behavioral health product offerings.According to the company, the nature of ligature-resistant door hardware requires a distributor with the knowledge and inventory to serve this growing market. Installers of ligature-resistant hardware can now purchase through the company and receive product immediately through the company’s same-day shipping with one- to two-day ground delivery services.

Strybuc: Booth 1171

The 2019 Window and Door Hardware Catalog is now available from Strybuc Industries. The new catalog has more than 35,000 items, including window sash support balances, casement opera-tors, handles, sash locks, patio door hardware, rollers, closet door hardware, toilet partition parts, multipoint systems, handle sets and security parts.


Unelko: Booth 850

Unelko will feature two of its invisible protective treatments. Rain Clear is an “invisible shield” polymer glass treatment and hydrophobic coating. It is designed to help repel rain, sleet and snow on contact.The company will also feature its Invisible Shield PRO 15 and Repel Protective Treatments.


SmartLift U.S.: Booth 945

SmartLift US will have Indoor and high lifter models on display. These include the SkyLifter SL400, designed for multi-story curtainwall projects. All SmartLift Equipment comes standard with the features users need to set glass: side shift, remote control, 1/64th of inch movements, and over-sized foam filled tires.

Bailey Specialty Cranes and Aerials: Booth 1877

Delivering more than glass lifting, the Brandon by Bailey Specialty Cranes and Aerials offers a winch for hanging glass lifting units. The Brandon also converts to man basket, forks, or robot attachment to install mullions.

The Brandon Trax has all these versatile attachments, according to the company, which it says allows the machine to travel easily on slab or rough terrain for touch reaches. For those who need a smaller package, the Brandon Mini is also available for fast and efficient glass installation while easily converting to a hook attachment for those other lifting tasks.


Salem Glass and Mirror: Booth 2763

Salem Flat Glass and Mirror will feature several machinery lines, including the ELB 10/45 edger/miterer and the ELB 102 edger from Bovone. The ELB 10/45 is designed to produce fl at edges or 0- to 45-degrees miter, both cerium polished, and has a two-wheel arris polish configuration. The ELB 102 produces fl at polished edges with cerium bonded wheels. These 10-cup wheel edgers can handle up to 2,000-pound lites.

In addition, the company will feature and demonstrate machines from other industry partners, including the crossbelt seamer from Ashton Industrial, the Prima spraying system from Cefla, the Chemwest particle removal system, the Mistral 180 EV sandblasting unit from Fratelli Pezza, the STP Magis 400 CNC automatic tool presetting and measuring system from Speroni and the AZV MILL 1000 milling/drilling machine from Zafferani Glas.

Lisec: Booth 1963

Lisec America recently became the North American distributor for Schraml machines and will highlight the equipment at the show. These include the top-Drill CNC milling/drilling center, which is designed for fast and straightforward processing of glass doors, shower doors, kitchen backsplashes or similar products that are typically run in small batches. The machine does not require set-up or tooling times, and can manufacture a shower door in an average time of four minutes.

Bavelloni: Booth 2963

Bavelloni America Inc. will highlight two machines. The VDM 1636 NC is a vertical system (milling, drilling and countersinking) equipped with one double drilling head (1+1 opposing spindles), each with a rotating tool storage that has eight positions each. The control device combines a professional NC with the convenience of a PC Windows.

In addition, the VE 500 V10 is a straight line mitering machine for processing flat edges with arrises and chamfers with variable angles from 0 to 45 degrees. Its patented conveyor with two electronically synchronized motors allows the loading and processing of large glass sizes up to 350 kg/m. It also has an ecofriendly pack and a grind and stop function for energy savings.

DeGorter: Booth 2663

Schiatti Angelo srl, represented in the U.S. by DeGorter, will focus on its Industry 4.0 solutions, with particular attention on the double edging ma-chines BFT and BFP range. Complete lines can be integrated into smart factories production process.The company’s software provides solutions to optimize the production cycle and increase customer satisfaction by reducing operational costs and increasing productivity. In addition, with continual technological improvements and digitalization in manufacturing, it has also been developed to improve automation machine-to-ma-chine and human-to-machine.

Erdman: Booth 1927

The Erdman Unmanned Robotic IG Work Cell produces large-size insulating glass units without direct labor.

The work cell uses three robots — one for loading, one for positional holding of the glass while the flexible spacer is applied and gas is filled, and one for sealing and offloading. The use of three robots not only minimizes labor, but also reduces needed floor space by roughly one half. The target cycle times are one 5-foot-by-12-foot IG unit every minute without gas fill and every 90 seconds with gas filling. The company says the robotic work cell can produce 480 units in one eight-hour shift.

Diamon Fusion International: Booth 2119

The new FuseRocket from Diamon Fusion International (DFI) is a bilateral, in-line hydrophobic coating machine that streamlines the application of the Diamon-Fusion protective coating via a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. The FuseRocket has been designed and engineered by DFI for glass processors, providing a range of benefits. Its horizontal design seamlessly integrates into any tempering line, and coats both sides of the glass; it can also alternate to single-sided. The FuseRocket comes in 4, 6, and 8 feet in depth sizes, and has a footprint of 30 square feet. It can treat up to 57,600 square feet of glass per hour and can coat any type of glass, such as IG units, shower doors, heavy fabricated glass, etc., adjusting for various glass sizes.

Glaston: Booth 2927

As part of the Glaston Insight ecosystem, the company will focus on helping booth visitors learn what better data means specifically in glass tempering, laminating and bending. In addition, the company has expanded its family of iLooK automatic online quality control systems. The iLooK Distortion, iLooK Anisotropy, or both combined, measure each individual glass or batch tempered.

Jordon Glass: Booth 1853

Miami-based Jordon Glass will feature its full processing solutions such as glass loaders, CNC cutting machines, polishers and bevellers, CNC waterjets, dual-sided horizontal drilling machines, vertical and horizontal washers, laminating machines, and tempering furnaces.

According to the company, several ma-chines are readily available in stock, as well as a large stock of inventory parts.

Intermac: Booth 2727

Intermac’s Master 33.5 5-Axis CNC will join the Genius CT-Red and Genius RS-A cutting tables on the show floor. The Master 33.5 reduces the amount of vibration and contributes to a longer spindle life, according to the company. Capabilities allow it to run multiple lites at one time and grind and polish glass to extremely tight tolerances. The 5-axis head with endless rotation C-axis and tilting A-axis (from -90 to +90 degrees) ensures flexibility and the execution of complex machining operations. The Genius CT-Red series of ma-chines are CNC cutting tables for float glass. Windows-based PC controls allow remote troubleshooting of all aspects of machine functions. A high-tech operating head, fitted with an automatic cutting pressure control system, controls wheel pressure, automatically adjusting the pressure according to the geometry of the cutting path. Meanwhile, the Genius RS-A cutting table is a standalone cutting solution that allows users to load, cut and break in one small package.

Machines and Wheels: Booth 1863

Machines and Wheels will be presenting the Drill 1600FF manufactured by Skill Glass and the M&W Ultra Series edger. The Drill 1600FF is a 5-axis CNC drilling machine designed for producing holes, inserts and countersinks on rectangular flat sheet glass in sizes ranging from 3 to 20 mm. These capabilities allow for easy, fast production of shower doors as a standalone machine or in line with other machinery.The M&W Ultra Series SAE 10M straight line mitering edger can produce a fl at or mitered edge on 3- to 26-mm glass. The M&W Ultra series produces a high gloss shine by using two diamond, two resin and two polishing spindles on a 0-45-degree mitering base and four spindles for the front and rear arris.

Mappi: Booth 2263

The ATS 4.0 from Mappi International incorporates the latest innovations including computer-managed movements, allowing precise heating and air temperatures for tempering. The ATS 4.0 furnace is user friendly and efficient. It features the GHBS Extreme Convection System, which maximizes the production cycle modulating the pressure of the air in single areas with energy savings up to 20 percent, according to the company. In addition, its new Tab Service provides 24/7 online assistance available globally.

Xinglass America: Booth 2905

Xinglass America will show its QX series glass tempering furnace for fl at and bent glass. The tempering furnaces use a QX-smart digital control system, with new technology to temper super thin/thick glass. The heating section has intelligent heating control algorithms and special air convection technology, which create uniform temperature distribution under different heating modes. According to the company, temperature control accuracy is within ±0.5 degree and all movement precision is increased by 30 to 40 percent. In addition, the company will feature its glass washing machine for flat/bent glass.


Sika: Booth 233

A number of products will be available from Sika Corp., including its SikaGlaze GG-735, a two-part, self-leveling PU grout that is ideal for installation of embedded glass walls. The company will also feature its Sikasil IG 25 HM Plus, a two-part, high-modulus, low-movement silicone designed to improve argon gas retention when used as the secondary seal in IG units.

Palmer Products: 814

Palmer SuperSet Mirro-Mastic is a new low VOC (9g/L) addition to Palmer Products’ line of mirror adhesives. The Mirro-Mastic is a solvent-free, low-odor adhesive mastic formulated for adhering acrylic and glass mirror to various substrates such as drywall, glass, metal or tile. SuperSet has a fast cure that be-comes a strong permanent bond. It will not shrink and become hard and brittle with age. SuperSet qualifies for LEED Green Building Rating System credit, according to the company.

Fenzi: Booth 2741

Hotver A+ is a thermoplastic hot melt sealant by Fenzi North America. It serves as a single barrier for IG units. It’s solvent-free, recyclable and re-workable.

Hotver A+ is created to offer strong adhesion and mechanical properties for IG manufacturers. According to the company, it is suitable for both manual and robotic application technologies and can be used for the production of single- or dual-seal panels.


Lauren Manufacturing: Booth 527

Lauren Manufacturing offers sealing solutions for doors and windows. From custom and standard extrusions to molded corners and frames, the company’s seals and gaskets are used in a wide range of commercial and residential applications. Lauren’s capabilities include dual- and tri-durometer extrusions, continuous corner seals, lamination systems, performance coatings and much more. The company specializes in closed-cell sponge and dense materials such as EPDM, silicone, plastic and Fortrex, an elastomer that is lightweight and offers superior sealing and weatherability.


Dormakaba: Booth 1113

Dormakaba’s new horizontal sliding wall solution (HSW-ES) can be used for unlimited interior design options. The HSW-ES wall system offers advantages for transparency, acoustics and safety, according to the company. The HSW-ES can be parked in a range of different positions to accommodate existing structures or unusual layouts that require special solutions, particularly in the design of the stacking area. The HSW-ES stack of panels can be aligned parallel or square to the façade, and be readily visible for effect or hidden behind columns. The system can be constructed in a range of different configurations to suit the installation site, prevailing structural conditions and the planning concept.


Southern Aluminum Finishing: Booth 1620

Southern Aluminum Finishing will highlight its fully integrated ERP system called SAF Enterprise, which integrates resource control for inventory, scheduling, shop and product orders, in addition to architectural product development. According to the company, SAF Enterprise streamlines its operations for aluminum distribution, anodizing, paint, engineered architectural products and custom metal fabrication services. ERP integration begins from the first keystrokes on a quote through final invoice without re-keyboarding of customer or project information.


Alumax: Booth 1347

Prism Pro online shower door configuration software is the newest development from Alumax. The software allows users to build multiple types of custom enclosures, as the virtual configurations take shape on the screen. It can configure and price for accurate and immediate quoting to the end customer. Prism Pro creates reports for glass sizes, glass fabrication and a bill of materials for the components necessary to build the enclosure.


EDTM: Booth 1663

EDTM will introduce two new credit-card-sized low-E coating detectors. The Low-E Card and Low-E Card+ offer low-cost options for identifying low-E coatings on glass, in the convenient size of a credit card. These ultra-thin and compact models will identify the presence of low-E coatings on a single piece of glass. The glass can be monolithic or installed in an insulating unit.

The AE2200 Low-E Card is a disposable model that will allow 1,000 tests to be conducted. There are no metal contacts to scratch the glass surface.

The AE2250 Low-E Card+ offers a replaceable battery design that can be used indefinitely. This “+” model will differentiate if the low-E coating is on surface 1, surface 2, or indicate if the glass is uncoated.


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