Contract Glazier Outlook Index Shows Resilience in 2023

By Nick St. Denis

Key Media & Research’s (KMR) annual Contract Glazier Outlook Index (CGOI), a numerical measurement of the optimism and current health of the glass and glazing industry, remains very much in positive territory this year. The index reached its highest-ever mark in 2022 (since its inception seven years ago), and the 2023 figure eased back but still signals stability even in a somewhat uncertain economy.

2023’s CGOI stands at 66.2. This is down from 72.2 a year ago but well above the 51.1 mark in 2021, according to KMR, parent company of USGlass magazine. (Note: Any reading above 50 represents a positive outlook—and the higher number, the better).

KMR is a leading provider of information and research to the glass industry. The Index is one segment of KMR’s Glass and Glazing Industry Outlook, an annual in-depth report on the state of the industry (see page 50 for more information).

KMR’s CGOI is made up of five key drivers and measurements, weighted according to importance. Those drivers, in order of greatest to least weight, are:

• Expected revenue changes in the coming year
• Current backlog
• Hiring plans in the coming year
• Previous year satisfaction
• Previous year hiring

The Contract Glazier Outlook Index is part of the 2023 Glass and Glazing Industry Outlook. The extensive report, by Key Media & Research (KMR), is a comprehensive look at the state of the U.S. architectural glass and metal industry. The report provides historical (recent) and forward-looking insight and analysis of recent trends to give suppliers, contractors, manufacturers, fabricators, retailers and more a sense of the industry’s well-being in the year 2023. KMR’s research division utilizes survey data, regularly curated internal data, in-depth analysis of secondary data, application of proprietary models, and its own expertise as the industry’s leading information provider. The full 2023 Glass and Glazing Industry Outlook report will be available for purchase in February at

Nick St. Denis is the director of research for Key Media & Research (KMR), parent company of USGlass magazine.

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