Xinyi Canada’s plans to build a new glass plant in the Guelph/Eramosa area in Ontario, Canada, came to a halt after last night’s council meeting. Members of the community flooded the meeting space with several left to stand in the lobby. Many of them brought signs displaying why they are still against the proposed glass plant, according to an article in Guelph Today.

Xinyi Glass is a manufacturer that specializes in float, automotive, architectural and solar glass production. The community’s main concerns focused on:

  • The daily amount of water used;
  • Possible cross contamination between water and glass; and
  • Whether the proposed structure abides by the property zoning bylaws.

The motion to strike down the application to build the 2-million-square-foot facility was passed by the mayor of Guelph/Eramosa Township as well as three council members at last night’s meeting, according to an article in Guelph Today. The debate over property zoning bylaws was the main reason for the motion’s passage. Many in the Ontario community still maintain that the structure is expected to use too much water to be considered a “dry use” industrial facility.

Tommy Wong, Xinyi Glass Canada president, previously addressed the water, possible contamination and property zoning bylaw concerns. According to Guelph Today, he declined to comment yesterday after the application vote and left the building. The company has yet to provide any additional comments on the results of the vote to™ at this time.