Moffitt Cancer Center is at the forefront of cancer centers worldwide in pioneering advances. The institution thinks and acts differently, matching the courage of its patients with the will to innovate to save more lives.

That’s why the center turned to Smart Glass Technologies (SGT) to enhance privacy in its magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) room. SGT officials say the MRI room at the facility was designed by healthcare architects and engineers. Both decided the installation of PriWatt Smart Glass was vital to ensure patient privacy.

CEO William Vasile Turcan says PriWatt Smart Glass offers active privacy, increases productivity and optimizes space. The glass can become transparent or opaque at the flick of a switch, blocks damaging radiation, is easy to clean, offers extra security, decreases energy consumption, is eco-friendly and boasts biophilic properties.

Within a hospital, patient privacy and dignity must be respected in all clinical areas. Studies in emergency departments have shown a significant correlation between respecting privacy and patient satisfaction.

Sound absorption was also considered in the design of the room. MRI scanners can produce sound pressure levels in excess of 110 dBA. Sound from MRI equipment can be extremely disruptive to other occupants in the building. That’s why PriWatt Smart Glass was the perfect solution. It adds a layer on the glass that absorbs the acoustic noise from MRI equipment.