A focus on customer service, a team of quality employees and dedicated customers are ingredients in the recipe for success in the glass industry.

“Really, it’s having a great team and having a fantastic customer base,” says Randy Wright of Century Glass’s keys to success. “It’s a blessing. We’ve weathered some storms.”

Wright says “it’s exciting” when he looks back at the last 30 years. “I had watched the evolution of Century Glass before I took over. They were actually a customer of mine.”

Wright bought the company in 2004 when it had only one branch in downtown Columbia, S.C. He serves as president of two branches in Columbia and two in Charleston.

“I still enjoy coming to work every day. I enjoy seeing the team, celebrating the successes,” Wright says. He credits the company’s 30 years of success to his 68 employees and the customers.

According to Wright, the dedication of Century Glass’s employees to customer service and commitment to each other may go unnoticed by customers.

“Our goal [is] being the best customer service provider in our industry,” Wright says of another fact customers may not be aware, “And how the team strives to take care of our customers.”

Wright says it is fun working with the Century Glass team, and watching them work their way up within the company. “It’s really very rewarding.”

Speaking of those storms, Wright says the Great Recession of 2008-2009 and the COVID-19 pandemic were difficult. “It was a challenging time,” he says of the economic downturn. “Kind of scary as a young business owner when you have everything on the line.”

But Century Glass persevered and grew. The company offers residential glass, including shower doors, in its retail department, as well as fog windows, tabletop glass and mirror walls in its city service, as well as auto glass.

In its commercial department, Century Glass provides storefront glass and multi-level curtainwall. “We don’t shy away from much,” Wright says of the company’s glass options.

Century Glass is involved in the local communities in various ways, according to Wright. In Columbia, the company assists the Building Industry Association of South Carolina and in Charleston, the Home Builders Association. Causes such as breast cancer awareness and the Pawmetto Lifeline, a local animal adoption company, are also important causes. In addition, Century Glass volunteers for the Department of Aging by replacing glass for elderly residents.

“I think it’s really nothing but up,” Wright says of the next 30 years for Century Glass. He sees controlled, but aggressive growth by making smart decisions. Wright says the company can always “work to improve our [work] culture,”  but still wants to keep it personal. “We want to keep our small company feel.”