The Cevital corporation, also known as MFG Mediterranean Float Glass, has decided to purchase A+W Cantor software for its new glass and window manufacturing plant.

The new plant, being established in Algeria, will produce the entire product range of glass and windows for Oxxo, which Cevital acquired in 2013.

“We are glad that Cevital has opted for A+W software,” says A+W CEO Dr. Uwe Schmid. “A+W does not only offer holistic high-end solutions for the glass and window production … We have the experience and potential to professionally implement complex international projects of this magnitude.”

According to a press release, glass production at the Oxxo plant will be equipped with a premium A+W production system, including the automatic optimizing and sorting system DynOpt. The contract totals nearly $1.4 million USD ($1 million Euros).