The CGA board of directors.
The CGA board of directors almost doubled its size during the association’s recent Annual General Meeting.

The Canadian Glass Association (CGA) hosted its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, June 3, at the CGA Glass Connections Conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

During the meeting, the association almost doubled the size of its board of directors, increasing from six to ten members.

The following representatives were named to the board of directors, listed with company name and the provincial association they represent:

  • Jim Brady, Desa Glass, CGA;
  • Angelo Cairo, Stouffville Glass Inc., Ontario Glass and Metal Association;
  • Dennis Haatvedt, Architectural Glass and Metal Contractors Association;
  • Mike Higgins, Economy Glass, Atlantic Provinces Glazing Association;
  • Chris Johnson, Lenmak Exterior Innovations, Provincial Glaziers Association of Alberta;
  • Garry Parsons, Desa Glass, Provincial Glaziers Association of Alberta;
  • Wes Penteliuk, Penwest Sales Inc., Glass Dealers Association of Saskatchewan;
  • Doug Trenholm, Economy Glass, Atlantic Provinces Glazing Association;
  • Richard Verdon, RSVP Agency, Ontario Glass and Metal Association; and
  • Brent Wihlidal, Glacier Glass Service Ltd., Glass Dealers Association of Saskatchewan.

The board also elected its officer for the next two years:

  • Chris Johnson, president;
  • Richard Verdon, vice president;
  • Dennis Haatvedt, treasurer; and
  • Brent Wihlidal, secretary.

The CGA also announced the following developments for the association:

  • Joining the Glass Association of North America (GANA) Glazing Industry Code Committee (GICC), which will provide CGA a voice and vote on code issues relating to the industry;
  • Re-establishment of the CGA Technical Committee, which will work on code positions within GICC, along with working on other technical issues as they arise in the CGA;
  • Collaborating with GANA to provide CGA members the ability to attend GANA events at a reduced rate;
  • Working with the provincial associations to connect each other and the work that they do to serve all of Canada; and
  • Access to GANA manuals at a reduced rate, providing a CGA member rate and a non-member rate.