Childgard security glazing by Global Security Glazing will be featured in a special segment on “Inside the Blueprint,” airing on Fox Business, Sunday, September 30 at 4:30 p.m. EST.

Improving safety and security in educational facilities are top priorities for parents, school boards, law enforcement and design professionals, according to the company. As a result, officials are examining how to prohibit attackers from gaining entry into schools—particularly at access points, such as glass doors and windows.

“Most attacks begin inside of schools,” says Chad Snyder, security projects manager for Global Security Glazing. “To help prevent attacks, we believe it starts with delaying a perpetrator’s entry into a facility.”

To buy valuable time for law enforcement to arrive on scene, Global Security Glazing designed Childgard glazing to withstand extensive physical attack from various weapons for six to 12 minutes.

“We’re proud to partner with ‘Inside the Blueprint’ to inform a national audience on the capabilities of glass to help neutralize threats,” says Snyder. “As part of the segment, we’ll show viewers how Childgard glazing actually performs through various tests, including shootings and smash-out breakouts.”

Childgard glazing is a laminated security glass construction that’s specially designed for use in school and educational facilities to withstand forced-entry scenarios, according to the company. Click here to preview the “Inside the Blueprint” segment.