The Chinese Ceramic Society, organizers of China Glass 2020, sent a letter to exhibitors on February 11 notifying them that the deadline for collecting remaining balances, submission of booth drawings and documents and other service applications has been extended to February 28, 2020 due to the impact of the novel coronavirus.

The letter reads:

“At present, the prevention and control of the spread of the novel coronavirus pneumonia is in a critical period. The Chinese government is taking strict measures to curb the further spread of the disease, and various measures are producing positive results. Our nation is committed to fighting the epidemic.

The current outbreak has had a great impact on the resumption of production and business activities of glass exhibitors. In view of this, the China Glass organizer decided to extend the deadline for collecting remaining balances, submissions of booth drawings and documents, and applications for other services. The extended deadline is February 28, 2020. For exhibitors who are still not able to meet this extended deadline, some buffer time will also be provided. The China Glass organizer, official booth builders and freight forwarders will respond actively to the service needs from all exhibitors and ensure the smooth progress of service and following work.

The epidemic has had certain impacts on the preparation for China Glass 2020. The organizer is paying close attention to the development of the epidemic and maintaining timely communication with the Shanghai Municipal Government, relevant institutions and the exhibition center. If there is any change, we will notify all exhibitors at the earliest possible time, in accordance with the guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Government and relevant institutions.

Established in 1986, China Glass has withstood the rain and wind, and has overcome many obstacles over 30 years. China Glass has become one of the two largest professional glass exhibitions in the world, and it will never stop in the face of difficulties. In this very special period of fighting the epidemic, China Glass will stay with you to provide support and deal with problems, and make contributions to win the battle against the epidemic. We are looking forward to seeing you all at China Glass 2020!”