The Glass Association of North America (GANA) announced that noted attorney David M. Spooner of Squire Sanders will be a featured speaker at its upcoming BEC Conference. Spooner was formerly the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Import Administration. In that capacity, he led government enforcement of trade remedy laws, principally the antidumping and antisubsidy laws. Late last year, the U.S. government slapped large tariffs on curtainwall units coming in from China. There have been many industry questions on the tariff, how high will they go, and what U.S. customs will do for enforcement. Spooner’s presentation will answer those questions and focus on what the tariff means to glass and glazing businesses in 2013 and 2014, according to GANA.

“We are excited to offer David as a featured speaker for GANA’s BEC Conference,” says Brian Pitman, director of marketing and communications. 

“The new tariff on Chinese curtainwall has generated significant discussion among glazing contractors.  David will be able to offer definitive answers to the many questions surrounding the tariff, as well as provide insights to maximize the beneficial effects for glaziers in North America. David’s session at the BEC Conference only cements the ‘must attend’ nature of this event.”

GANA’s BEC Conference will take place at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on March 17-19. The hotel cutoff date for reservations is next week. To learn more visit the association’s website,



  1. I other U.S. employees of Chinese curgtain wall contractors will have a presence there and we look forward to confronting Spooner on why he is after our U.S. jobs. Advise him to keep his guard up.

    1. John, it is no wonder you work for the Chinese. You can’t even spell the product you sell correctly. The Chinese product is against all of the things America is supposedly fighting for; sustainability, regional materials, child labor laws, environmental protection, the list goes on. I cant believe the architects who don’t want bottled water brought to their AIA presentations because its not “environmentally friendly” have no problem shipping millions of tons of glass and aluminum material from China. When it all comes to a head, the dollar wins. Why are American companies wasting their time with sustainability, LEED and proper testing when the consumers of building products don’t even care?

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