Smart building materials company ClearVue Technologies Limited has entered into a collaboration agreement with eLstar Dynamics BV in the Netherlands. eLstar produces dynamic/switchable glazing technology based upon electrophoresis that combines electrophoretic responsive inks, transparent electrophoretic interlayer substrates and proprietary control software and hardware.

The collaboration agreement sets out the terms for a collaboration for the promotion, distribution and joint development of ClearVue’s integrated glazing unit and smart solar window solutions combined with eLstar’s smart electrophoretic dynamic switchable glazing solutions, to produce a wireless smart window that is capable of energy production and lighting control.

Under the terms of the collaboration agreement ClearVue and eLstar will:

  • Work together collaboratively to develop a combined product initially being a prototype combining the intellectual property and technologies of both eLstar and ClearVue for the purposes of a proof-of-concept demonstration and testing. Subject to any potential shipping delays due to the COVID-19 virus, ClearVue is to supply sample integrated glazing units to eLstar in coming weeks to complete testing on an initial version of a combined product as soon as possible. If the trial is successful, a larger version is to be produced for demonstration purposes; and
  • Subject to satisfactory results in the trial, the companies will engage in discussions to form a joint venture or other arrangement whereby their two products and technologies are combined into one final end-product based on the trial prototype(s), that the companies can bring to market and promote together.

“The eLstar dynamic glazing technologies are at the cutting edge of the glazing industry and are a perfect fit for ClearVue’s photovoltaic glazing technologies. eLstar’s electrophoretic switching solution requires power inside the IGU or window to operate the control systems for switching and dimming the glass and for powering and maintaining the state change in eLstar’s electrophoretic interlayer – which we are confident that the ClearVue PV solution can provide,” says ClearVue executive chairperson Victor Rosenberg. “The first step is to complete the initial trial and then we look forward to working with eLstar to scale their product to be suitable for commercial use and sale with a view to combining this into a market leading end-product.”

“Combining the ClearVue PV IGU solution with eLstar Dynamics’ electrophoretic dynamic glazing solution seems a compelling opportunity. Getting power to a window, especially in a retro-fit application is not an easy task and is expensive,” adds Anthony Slack, CEO of eLstar Dynamics BV. “Together, end-customers can benefit from a completely autonomous solution … all without the necessity for expensive and difficult to integrate wiring needing to be connected to the windows to operate them. We are very excited to be working with ClearVue on this initial trial and then, subject to its success, look forward to working with ClearVue to explore licensing and sales opportunities together.”