Smart building materials company ClearVue Technologies Ltd. has signed a formal OEM supply agreement with BeyondPV Co. Ltd. of Taiwan, with which it entered into a memorandum of understanding in July 2019.

BeyondPV is a developer and designer of photovoltaic technologies including Si- and CIGS-based solar panels and modules with high conversion efficiency for use in power generation.

Under the terms of the formal OEM supply agreement BeyondPV will design, manufacture and supply solar PV strip modules to ClearVue and to ClearVue’s licensed manufacturers for use in ClearVue’s solar PV insulating glass units (IGU), windows and smart façades.

Key aspects of the OEM supply agreement include:

  • BeyondPV is to invest USD $3.5m in establishing a dedicated production line to produce ClearVue’s solar strip modules for ClearVue, for integration by ClearVue and its licensees into the ClearVue IGU and smart façade products. Such investment and the line establishment has already commenced;
  • BeyondPV is to provide ongoing research and development activities for continuous improvement of the ClearVue product and technology during the OEM supply term;
  • BeyondPV and ClearVue are to work cooperatively to maximize the solar strip shipments for ClearVue and its licensees’ project developments. The target of solar module strip shipment volumes in 2020 is to be greater than 200,000 strips;
  • BeyondPV is to cooperate on further development of high-quality, high-performance solar modules for use and deployment into ClearVue’s IGU and façade products (and those of its licensed manufacturers); and
  • ClearVue is to continue to obtain supply from its other OEM manufacturer of its solar strip modules until such time as BeyondPV can produce at high capacity for ClearVue.

“Formalizing ClearVue’s relationship with BeyondPV represents a significant step forward for ClearVue. As previously announced, formalizing the relationship with BeyondPV secures for ClearVue and its manufacturing partners the supply of high-quality high-performance solar strip modules for integration into the ClearVue IGU and smart façade products – a critical component in the ClearVue IGU design and products and a critical element in the ClearVue supply chain,” says ClearVue executive chairman Victor Rosenberg. “The BeyondPV team are a pleasure to deal with and, importantly, share the vision for the ClearVue solar PV generating smart windows and smart facades – we are looking forward to a successful long-term relationship with BeyondPV.”

“BeyondPV is very pleased to be working with the ClearVue team on developing this very significant opportunity – one that is perfectly timed to the needs of the world as we move into this climate crisis-focused era,” adds BeyondPV president, Dr Wei-Lun (Bowen) Lu. “Buildings are a very significant contributor to greenhouse gases—architects the world over are aware of this and of the urgent need for better-designed, energy-efficient and, ideally, energy-generating buildings— the ClearVue product fits right into this need and we are very pleased to be a part of assisting with the delivery of this world-leading solution.”