Mappi sales manager Ermanno Petitti (left) and Clinton Glass Co. owner Greg Stowell.

Clinton Glass Co., a family-owned shower door company in Knoxville, Tenn., has purchased an ATS ECO 2200 x 3800 furnace from Mappi. The furnace includes controlled heating zones that ensure thermal and energy efficiency.

“We’ve produced high-quality glass for 30 years. Thanks to Mappi, we can do it with significant energy and costs savings. We were very impressed by the multizone heating system and the heating removal chamber, two great highlights that make the difference in our everyday work,” says Clinton Glass Co. owner Greg Stowell. “We want to thank Mappi not only for this great machinery, but also for the great team. I have purchased a lot of machinery over the years, and it’s not the quality of the machine, although top notch, it is Mappi’s support staff that is the very best in the industry.”