Coating Solutions Group, a provider of industrial and retail coatings, and FutureVu Brands have partnered to create a new joint venture company, Performance Films and Coatings International (PFCI).

The new company will be a full-service window film supplier and distributor, FutureVu Brands said in a statement. FutureVu is a platform created to organize existing B2B and B2C businesses under a single operating umbrella. The businesses specialize in the architectural, glazing, energy and security retrofit markets.

PFCI will focus on window film products and specialty coatings serving the architectural and automotive industries. Additionally, PFCI will be the exclusive worldwide distributor of CoolVu Glass and Surface Solutions’ automotive and architectural films. It will also bring additional products and brands to the customer base addressing solutions for safety, security, anti-graffiti, surface protection and automotive coatings.

“Managing director Lawrence Constantin and I are excited about this new business venture, which will allow us to serve a global market with a first-in-class portfolio of CoolVu film solutions,” says Jeff Franson, CEO of FutureVu Brands.