AAMA Updates Specification, Adds Resource for Glass Standards

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has released an updated document describing a standard test method and performance criteria for side-hinged door systems in the locked position to resist entry under a specified load and conditions. AAMA 1304-18, the “Voluntary Specification for Determining Forced Entry Resistance of Side-Hinged Door Systems,” seeks to measure the ability of the operable slabs to deter opportunistic entry by unskilled intruders. This is the first update to the specification which was created in 2002.

“AAMA 1304 has long been used in the fenestration industry to evaluate the resistance of side-hinged doors to forced entry by opportunistic intruders,” says Mark Fortun, vice chair of the AAMA Side-Hinged Door Auxiliary Test Methods Task Group. “This latest update maintains the proven method, while further clarifying qualification criteria applicable to varying swing and glazing types, and specific procedural details regarding loading sequencing and positions for both single and multi-point locking assemblies.”

Several changes were made in this update, including the addition of sections spelling out qualifications related to door swing and glazing types, a defined radius of a loading area and added criteria pertaining to broken glazing. Section 2.2 was up-dated to clarify this standard does not evaluate the resistance of glazing materials to deliberate impact or loading.

AAMA 1304-18, as well as other AAMA documents, may be purchased from AAMA’s online store.


AAMA and the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) jointly released a series of web pages providing a general overview of the standards, specifications and test methods used in the door, window and skylight industry related to glass and glazing systems. “A Consumer’s Guide to Understanding Glass Standards Used in Windows, Doors and Skylights” is now available as a complimentary resource on the websites of both IGMA and AAMA for the industry to share with consumers.

“Glass standards, specifications and test methods are crucial to both of our organizations, and to the industry as a whole,” says Margaret Webb, executive director of IGMA. “We hope this home-owner-friendly and easy-to-access resource will become a go-to reference for consumers.”

“These web pages were a collaborative effort, and we are thrilled to present them to consumers for their understanding of the nuances of glass standards used in our industry,” says Janice Yglesias, AAMA’s executive vice president.

This joint effort between AAMA and IGMA is intended to explain in consumer language what each of the standards means for consumers to be able to discern if there are allowable characteristics within the glass in their doors, windows or skylights. Also included are frequently asked questions from homeowners and guidelines for evaluating potential issues. Visit www.igmaonline.org or aamanet.org to learn more.

Safti First Launches ICC-Registered Fire-Rated Glazing Educational Program

Safti First, a manufacturer of fire-rated glass and framing systems, has registered its fire-rated glazing educational program with the International Code Couricil (ICC). Building code officials, fire marshals and other participants of “Designing with Fire Rated Glass” may receive 0.10 ICC CEU upon successful completion. It is available in two formats — online and on-demand through www.safti.com/webinars. or a scheduled in-person presentation by one of Safti First’s technical experts upon request.

This program empowers building code officials and fire marshals to accurately review whether or not the correct and code-approved fire-rated glass and framing products are specified in the project or installed in the field based on current IBC code requirements and test standards. It will also present the latest information on various listed and labeled fire-rated glass and framing systems available in the market today.

“Alongside architects who design buildings, code officials and fire marshals play a large role in the planning, approval and enforcement of critical life-safety products like fire-rated glass and framing,” says William O‘Keeffe, president and CEO. “Our program aims to make it easier for them to review and identify fire-rated glass and framing products during plan review and installation to ensure the safety of building occupants. It also demonstrates how safety and design can indeed go hand-in-hand.”

This educational program includes various safety and fire testing videos, animated charts and other visuals designed to sustain the viewer’s interest and help retain valuable information, according to the company. To receive ICC credit for the online, on-demand version, participants must complete and pass the required test after taking the program.

To register for the online, on-demand program or get more information, visit www.safti.com/webinars. To schedule an in-person presentation contact Diana San Diego at dianas@safti.com.

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