INOVUES installers transforming double-glazed windows into triple-glazed at a building in Oregon. Photo courtesy of INOVUES.

INOVUES is collaborating with QEA Tech in a move that could potentially lead to the elimination of millions of tons of emissions per year just by upfitting building facades. QEA Tech is a clean-technology innovator harnessing drone and artificial intelligence technologies for building energy audits.

Officials say the collaboration provides U.S. and Canadian building owners with a new suite of advanced, energy-efficiency services. This is made possible by combining the capabilities of both companies, incorporating building envelope imaging analysis, energy modeling, evaluation of existing façade conditions, actionable retrofit recommendations and assistance in navigating public and private rebate and incentive programs.

“We are excited for this opportunity to help more building owners diagnose and minimize energy loss through the façade, which is responsible for a staggering amount of greenhouse gas emissions,” says Anas Al Kassas, INOVUES founder and CEO.

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