The recently completed Hurricane Maria Memorial in New York features a colorful glass spiral honoring the victims of the storm, which occurred in 2017.

Both the architect, Segundo Cardona, and artist, Antonio Martorell, are both based in Puerto Rico, one of the most affected islands of the disaster. Pulp Studio, a designer and manufacturer of architectural decorative glass, provided glass curves and panels for the installation.

Photo Credit: Kevin P. Coughlin/State of New York

The Hurricane Maria Memorial features an ascending glass spiral, meant to echo a hurricane and a shell, which symbolizes protection against the elements. The glass in the memorial uses Pulp’s D2G process for ceramic application and then is bent, tempered and laminated.

The piece reflects and refracts multi-hued beams of sunlight and is crowned by the star of the Puerto Rican flag, symbolic of hope rising from devastation. The glass panels are painted by Martorell and include the poem “Farewell from Welfare Island,” by Julia de Burgos, a Puerto Rican poet.