Jordon Glass Machinery is focusing on small- to mid-size companies at GlassBuild.

The economy is thriving and, as a result, glass and glazing companies are busy and looking for ways to work more efficiently. Companies at GlassBuild America are exhibiting products and services to improve the work flow for their customers.

Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. (SAF) is letting GlassBuild attendees know about its quicker lead times. The company has locations in Georgia, California, Tennessee and Indiana. If one location is backlogged materials can be sent from another branch.

Another way SAF is hoping to improve customer experience is through its proprietary Enterprise ERP system, which allows customers to order, receive quotes and track orders.

Alumax Bath Enclosures also has a new software. Prism Pro contains all the company’s products included. Customers can send drawings and plug in dimensions through the program.

According to Janet Wray, the move to implement software is also a way to attract younger employees and customers who prefer updated technology.

According to Rick Dominguez, Jordon Glass Machinery is focusing on small- to mid-sized companies at the show. The company is displaying a breaking table, drilling machine and polisher that could allow smaller companies to expand their in-house capabilities.

“We’re promoting vertical integration on a small scale,” said Dominguez.

He said that suction lifters have been popular lately, which help make installation safer. Dominguez also explained that lifters open jobs up to women and others who would normally be unable to lift heavy glass.

Spray X also is focusing on smaller companies. On display at the booth is a quarter pallet with 48 four-packs of Spray X.

“It’s a great traffic builder that makes companies more competitive and can offer a new entry back to the market,” said Byran Tackett, sales and marketing at Spray X.

GlasWeld has new backer pads for its Gforce 2 polisher, making it more user-friendly for technicians.

GlasWeld is exhibiting new backer pads for the Gforce 2 polishing machine. The new pads make the process more user friendly for new technicians.

“It’s easy for a new technician to do it well,” said Efren Larranga, flat glass specialist at GlasWeld. He said the update is important because as more experienced technicians retire, new technicians will need to be able to fill the skill gap.

GlassBuild America will wrap up at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas today. Check for continuing coverage of the event.