Technoform is one of many spacer producers exhibiting at glasstec.
Technoform is one of many spacer producers exhibiting at glasstec.

Every angle and aspect of the glass and glazing industry is on display at glasstec 2016, and the spacer sector has not been left behind.

Warm-edge systems are a hot topic at the show, given the stringent energy requirements in Europe and the tightening standards in other parts of the world. Companies like Helima, based in Germany, are developing products to meet that demand.

“Warm-edge is very important here,” says Helima managing director Sabine Decker.

Helima rebranded last year after being taken over by investor Solvesta AG, and it has since created a series of warm-edge spacers in its NoviTec line. One features a synthetic profile with a “metalized” multi-layer composite film, and the other two combine stainless steel and a synthetic material. The company is also showing its aluminum and stainless steel spacer bars.

Decker says there is large demand in the industry for “high stability and workability,” and her company tries to put itself “in [its] customers’ shoes” when developing products.

“Efficiency in production is important,” she says.

Technoform Glass Insulation is also exhibiting at glasstec, and market team manager Milind Jhaveri says the company is showing current and prospective customers its capabilities in catering its product to them.

“We’re here to create customized solutions,” he says, noting fire-rated glazing and sound insulation as application examples.

Another example of Technoform’s ability to customize unique products is a biodegradable spacer it developed for a customer that is now available. The product was still a concept at Greenbuild last fall, but the company is now showcasing examples of it at glasstec.

While that’s a unique technology that Jhaveri says will only be demanded in very rare applications, Technoform is also featuring its TGI-Spacer Precision, a more common solution that the company says addresses critical issues such as glass tolerances, gas tightness and installation security.

Kommerling, a member of Royal Sealants and Adhesives, is another producer of spacers. The company has a thermoplastic spacer that is an alternative to the traditional rigid spacer profile. The thermoplastic spacer is extruded directly onto the glass and sealed with a secondary sealant.

Dr. Knut Göke, head of product management and marketing, says the company is always seeking long-term relationships with customers, “which is why we focus on the service aspect of our business.”

In addition to spacers, Kommerling also produces adhesives used for structural glazing, which can be part of a complete structural application solution along with the spacer.

He says conversations at glasstec often revolve around “substitutions of metal fasteners, and, of course, energy efficiency.”

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