The show floor at GlassBuild America (GBA) in Atlanta is full of new products and tools designed improve ease of use for glazing contractors and fabricators. While many companies are showing off their new products, others are informing attendees of recent company growth.

Making Moves

With the economy continuing to be strong through 2019, many companies have been able to expand, form new partnerships and hire new staff to spread their reach in the U.S. market.

Select Hinges plans to move into a newly constructed building in Oshtemo, Mich., around mid-November. The new 50,000-square-foot building will allow the company to operate under one roof, rather than in two buildings as it does currently.

“This will allow us to be more efficient with our manufacturing,” said Select Hinges regional sales manager Chris Orme, adding that he doesn’t expect disruption of supply during the move. “It will also allow us to ship more quickly.”

The company’s long-term plan, according to Orme, is to do its own anodizing in house. Select Hinges plans to hold an open house potentially during spring 2020.

HHH Tempering Resources has formed a distribution partnership with IGis, a South Korean machinery company. HHH will offer the company’s insulating glass lines in North America, supported by HHH’s technical service.

JLM Wholesale is expanding in a different way. Account executive Marl Adamchik explained that the company has hired a new Northeast representative and will also be hiring a representative for the Pacific Northwest as a result of the business being good.

New Tools and Products

GlasWeld’s Gforce Max is meant to be easy to use for those at the entry level.

Several companies are introducing new tools for the glass industry during GBA. GlasWeld recently launched its Gforce Max for scratch removal on glass. According to Shiloh Spoo, president of the company, traditional scratch removal methods are slow, require skill and can cause distortion. He said that the Gforce Max can be used by those at the entry level and is quick and easy to use.

“Scratch removal with the Gforce Max takes five to seven minutes on the high end,” he said, adding that the product allows glaziers and fabricators to remove scratches, potentially preventing them from having to replace the glass.

Strybuc’s new caulking gun has adjustable drip control and thrust ratio.

Strybuc is showcasing its new caulking gun with adjustable drip control and thrust ratio.

“Installers in the field need different thrust ratios for different continuities,” said supply channel manager Roger Mason. “A thicker consistency requires a heavier ratio.”

The gun can be adjusted from a 12.1 to 25.1 ratio. It can also be adjusted to prevent drip or allow for continuous drip when needed.

Morse Industries’ booth features a railing base shoe with precision lock technology that allows installers to level the glass quicker.

Morse Industries’ booth features a railing base shoe with precision lock that technology that allows installers to easily and quickly level the glass, according to regional account manager Chris Berger.

Software company Mainstreet Computers will soon debut the iOS version of its MobilePRO software, which allows glaziers to complete pre/post inspection sheets, build measure sheets, take payments and attach pictures.

Sales representative Diane Staples said the company also offers social media management for glazing installers. The Mainstreet team will help operate companies’ social media pages and give them reports.

GBA runs through Thursday, September 19. Stay tuned to throughout the week for our continuing coverage of the show.