California has had massive fires in its past, but none as devastating as the state’s most recent one. It’s been nicknamed the “Camp Fire” and has destroyed 150,000 acres of land, leaving nothing but soot and ash behind in addition to claiming at least 85 lives. Although the fire has been contained, the town of Paradise, Calif., is barely recognizable. And one glass company is reaching out to help those in need.

“We knew at least three glass shops in Paradise were destroyed. We also knew that a lot of the people who worked in the area lived there and had lost their homes and needed help,” Stephen Mort, Don’s Mobile Glass owner, said.

After Mort learned that so many shops were destroyed, he decided to reach out with an offer many could say shouldn’t be passed up.

“We contacted those shops that had been in the fire and offered temporary employment to their workers to help them get back on their feet,” Mort said.

Don’s Mobile Glass has been looking for skilled glaziers to work at its Modesto, Calif., location full time and has extended that offer to the Camp Fire victims in the glass industry as well. According to Mort, if they are willing to relocate the approximately two and a half hours to work in Modesto his company would also help them find housing to do so.

“We’re looking for experienced workers for flat glass too and have been advertising on social media.We even got noticed by a local news station who also did a story on us,” Mort recalled. “It surprised me at first when our business was contacted by the news because, to me, we aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary. We just want to help the best way we can.”

Even after the social media posts and the news segment, Mort says Don’s Mobile Glass has yet to receive any applications for the temporary jobs.

“The hard part is reaching out to those who might not have any access to social media or TV to find out about this opportunity. We’ve even contacted several suppliers too, to help spread the word,” Mort mentioned.

Currently the company is waiting for applications to come in and mentioned those who are interested can contact the company by showing up in person, reaching out on their social media pages, by phone or by email.

“It’s not going to look as nice as Paradise used to be if people do decide to relocate. That’s part of the reason it got its name – Paradise. [Before the fire] it was beautiful,” Mort recalled. “And I think everyone in our industry needs to treat each other well in times like this, because the best way to truly help someone in need, I think, is to offer them a job that gives them the chance to provide for their family.”