NanaWall Expands California Facility to Increase Manufacturing in the U.S.

NanaWall Systems has more than doubled the space at its manufacturing facility in Richmond, Calif., in order to move the manufacturing of some of its products from Germany to the U.S. The 90,000-square-foot facility will house additional machinery to accommodate the increased manufacturing and, as a result, new jobs will be added.

Marketing manager Matt Thomas says the company has been considering this expansion for the past five years. He says the main motivator was reducing lead times and costs by eliminating overseas shipping and customs issues. However, the current climate of tariff increases also drove the company to relocate some of its manufacturing to the U.S.

“While many other companies are moving manufacturing overseas, NanaWall saw a chance to instead increase our American production capabilities through this expansion,” says CEO Ebrahim Nana. “We are moving some elements of production from Germany into the U.S. which means increased local job opportunities, a more efficient manufacturing process, faster time to market and, therefore, faster delivery of products …”

According to Thomas, the company is still in the process of determining whether to bring its wood or frameless systems manufacturing to the U.S. based upon which is more efficient for manufacturing at its new facility. The company’s goal is to manufacture the products that are sold in North America and Central America in the U.S., and for its 600,000-square-foot facility in Germany to manufacture systems for the rest of the world.

The expanded U.S. facility will increase the company’s capacity by 125%.

Inline Fiberglass Launches into the Door Market

Inline Fiberglass, a company that has focused solely on fiberglasss solely on fiberglass windows, is now adding fiberglass doors to its product line. Inline chief operating officer Bernard Rokicki says the new endeavor will allow the company to provide its customer the cohesiveness they’ve been seeking from the lineal manufacturing company. Inline, based in Ontario, Canada, has been focused primarily on fiberglass on fiberglass windows since its founding in the 1970s.

The company operates two plants in the area: a main manufacturing building, where Rockicki says they plan to manufacture the new products, and a secondary manufacturing facility where the company will transfer the production of some current goods.

Inline manufacturers both window frames and fenestration products for the residential and commercial industry while also designing technology and equipment to manufacture fiberglass components.


HMI Cardinal was recently honored with an international award for corporate branding, presented by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts. The Communicator Award of Distinction was given for Cardinal’s recent rebranding effort, including the introduction of its new “feather of distinction” logo design … Mappi has sold furnaces to two different European companies. Energy Saving Glass in the U.K. has purchased a Mappi ATS Eco 4.0 Furnace, and Italian company Cristalcasa has purchased a Fox Eco Convection furnace … Suntuitive Dynamic Glass has added Manko Window Systems Inc., to its certified fabricator program and as an exclusive distributor in specific territories … Coatings company Unelko Corp. has formed a distribution alliance with TGK GmbH in Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany. According to the company, TGK is expanding the distribution of the Invisible Shield Glass Coatings and Repel dual-action cleaner/coating products widely … Basile Vetri of Aci Catena, Italy, bought a Mistral 1200 automatic sandblaster in 1996, the first ever installed in Sicilly. Now the company has decided to replace its old sandblasting cabin with a new MISTRAL 180Evolution from Italian machinery company Fratelli PezzaSoft Tech is partnering with Project Bagiya in India, which integrates communities through holistic and academic learning. The company distributed gifts to children and plans to make monthly donations.

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