Innovative Glass Celebrates 20 Years of Research, Development of Smart Glass

Innovative Glass Corp. (IGC) is celebrating not only its 20th anniversary but also a dream that began 40 years ago.

The Plainview, N.Y., smart glass designer and manufacturer traces its foundation to 2003. However, chairperson and CEO Steve Abadi had an idea to create a digital liquid crystal window shade in 1983.

“Although 2023 is the company’s 20th anniversary, it’s also my personal 40th anniversary,” says Abadi. “It commemorates the inception and pursuit of my dream of building an industry from the ground up, born out of a 1983 epiphany of creating a digital liquid crystal window shade and partnering with technology giant Allied-Signal. I worked for 20 years to develop and integrate liquid crystal technology into architectural glass. It began as a family business with my son, Aron, and soon after my daughter, Robin.”

Abadi founded IGC in 2003 to research, engineer and manufacture glass with new properties. Over the years, the company has seen the design and construction industry shift to incorporate more sustainable products, such as dynamic glass. The increase in demand has allowed IGC to move headquarters, open a new showroom and patent new products.

The company now provides smart-glass solutions for windows, doors, skylights, partition systems and curtainwalls, among other products, for individual homeowners and companies.

Abadi says the company’s longevity is due to a focus on several key factors, such as honesty and integrity. He adds his employees have been central to the company’s success. Innovative has 10 employees and 12 independent sales representatives.

“Our longevity and success can be attributed to many factors, not the least of which is a professional and dedicated team, whose unwavering drive and work ethic have been key …” says Abadi. “The average tenure of our employees is 16 years. All employees witness and weigh in on our new product creations, inventions and patents. They all feel pride when we share photos and videos of beautiful projects that our customers share with us.”

Abadi explains the secret to success for any glass company involves managing customer expectations, building loyalty to vendors and becoming a reliable and trusted supplier.

As dynamic glass finds its foothold in the built environment thanks to measures such as the Inflation Reduction Act, which provides tax code incentives designed to pivot the industry and consumers to renewable energy systems, smart glass manufacturers can expect busy years ahead.

“The future looks bright for Innovative as we work on new, synergistic and complimentary products, enhancements to our existing products, new applications and development of new vertical markets,” says Anthony Branscum, senior vice president.

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