Pulp Studio Hosts TV Stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn

History Channel filmed an episode of its More Power series at Pulp Studio’s facility in Gardena, Calif. The original series features Tim Allen, Richard Karn and April Wilkerson and covers how tools have evolved over the years.

Pulp Studio is featured in the episode “Heat,” which takes a look at how the company makes tempered glass in ultra-hot kilns.

Pulp Studio’s chief operating officer Kirk Johnson gave the More Power team a behind-the-scenes-factory tour. The tour included stops at an electrically powered custom kiln, which can be heated to more than 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. It also involved demonstrations of the technical challenges and the craft involved in printing and bending glass for architectural projects.

“We had so much fun shooting for over six hours with Tim, Richard and the whole More Power History Channel crew,” says Johnson. “They took a genuine interest in learning how we bend and strengthen glass in our custom kilns and tempering furnace. Most people experience our products as they walk on a glass floor or lean against a glass polished railing without thinking about how that product was created. There are so many steps and hand craftsmanship to bend glass, but also to make a finished design that is easy to maintain, plus safe to use with heavy traffic over time.”

Allen and Karn also witnessed the effects of thermal stress on glass production and learned how Pulp Studio minimizes the risks of glass shattering when not cooled properly. Additionally, the duo was shown Pulp Studio’s glass strengthening furnace.

Johnson says that the overall experience with the film crew was amazing. “Those two comedians had me laughing the entire day,” says Johnson. “The episode is amazing for the industry. Now everyday consumers can experience what a glass factory is like and how much work and passion goes into our processes.”

You can watch episodes of More Power on the History Channel or by streaming via Google Play, Vudu and Amazon.

Saint-Gobain Recognized for Inclusion Efforts

Saint-Gobain North America won three Globees at the 2022 CEO World Awards for its work to attract, retain and empower women in the manufacturing industry.

The company received two Gold Globees in the categories of Achievement in Women Empowerment and Achievement in Mentorship and Sponsorship of Women. It won a Silver Globee in Achievement in Developing and Promoting Women.

The annual CEO World Awards celebrate the achievements of leaders, executives and their management teams behind the year’s most outstanding initiatives. Organizations private or public, corporations, nonprofits, associations, vendors and government organizations worldwide are eligible to participate.

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