Naverra had moved into the 180,000-square-foot facility in Norwich, Conn., that originally was to be occupied by Solar Seal, which shuttered in 2022.

Naverra Glass has shuttered its operations after just one year in business.

Connecticut business records show that Jeremy Ozen, the former manager of the Norwich-based glass fabricator, filed a certificate of dissolution in August 2023. Connecticut’s official state website says a business is “shuttered” once a limited liability company successfully files a dissolution. The website adds there will be no additional review, and the company won’t be required to file past-due annual reports.

Naverra started operations in August 2022, focusing on fabricating insulating, laminated and spandrel glass, among others. It emerged following the closure of Solar Seal Architectural, which was supposed to move into the 180,000-square-foot facility that Naverra eventually occupied. Members of Solar Seal’s team owned Naverra.

A former employee, who asked to remain anonymous, says all hourly employees were furloughed in October 2023, with a return date in November. However, hourly employees were notified on Nov. 1, 2023, that they were laid off and salary employees were staying to finish existing orders.

Former director of sales Andrew Kennedy told USGlass magazine in November 2022 that Naverra planned to invest heavily in equipment and quality control and would have the training to match to ensure it provided what it promoted.


  1. That’s 2 bad. I worked for NWI in Seattle and I remember when we came back from new years break and told the Japanese company that owned NWI was selling the company because they wanted to get out of the glass fabrication business.

  2. The HR that works there, is a horrible person. Any time we needed to talk to him, he was always sleeping in his desk. He also would go to the floor only when the owner was in the building otherwise you would never see him. Usually HR is there to talk to any employee that needs it but for him you had to chase him since he was not available at all, and when he was it was by appointment. I heard things he said about an employee that was very disgusting as well, I’m not going to get into details but it was bad.

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