Consolidated Glass Corp. has announced that its new lamination line has been commissioned and is in operation. The news comes nearly two years after the company first dipped its toes into the laminated glass market.

From left: Brad Bartley, general manager; Fred Herr, plant manager; Shane Merryman, president and CEO; Howard Holesapple, vice president of sales; Lindsey Merryman, lamination line program manager; and Patsy Tomasetti, lamination line department lead.

Consolidated’s general manager Brad Bartley says the move opens new doors for the company, including opportunities to dive into the security, acoustic and decorative glass markets. To achieve this, Consolidated acquired a Glaston ProL lamination line. Bartley explains the decision to go with the line was based on its convection heating system instead of an infrared one.

“For me, just the simplicity was impressive,” he says. “And when investing that much in new technology, you want to know that the supplier is highly experienced in that area.”

Consolidated currently has one shift running on the lamination line. Adding the line meant the company had to build a 15,000-square-foot facility to accommodate the automated machine. Construction on the new building began on July 7, 2022. The new lamination line with its autoclave was commissioned and started in March 2023.

“I don’t have a crystal ball to see where we will eventually end up, but there are so many exciting applications, especially in security glass, acoustic glass and decorative glass,” says Lindsey Merryman, lamination line program manager. “We’re looking forward to exploring the opportunities.”

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  1. Congratulations….we will be watching your growth and learn from you. We have the same plans and we may piggyback ideas…

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