Fifteen manufacturers and industry representatives from around the world convened in conjunction with the ASTM International conference this week to discuss product category rules (PCRs), life cycle assessment reports (LCAs), environmental product declarations (EPDs) and next generation product transparency solutions—including Sustainable Minds Transparency Reports.

“What we heard today was that as the demand for environmental stewardship across the green building industry increases, the need for consistent, standardized, and scalable solutions grows in tandem,” says Tim Brooke, vice president of ASTM. “That’s exactly what our four organizations are aiming to address as we communicate and deliver the value of voluntary product stewardship.”

In addition to ASTM, the Program Operator Consortium includes NSF International, ICC Evaluation Service and Sustainable Minds. The group launched in 2015 to serve as an expert resource and advocate for creating PCRs, for reviewing LCAs and for verifying and publishing environmental declarations.

On May 1, the consortium will launch, where manufacturers, design professionals, specifiers and others can learn about product transparency, the consortium’s approach, and industry educational events.