Study: Despite Higher Risk, Construction Workers Are Wary of the Vaccine

Since the COVID-19 vaccine rollout began in December, many people in the U.S. have joined waitlists to ensure they receive the vaccine when their turn comes around. Not everyone is lining up to get the jab, though. Some construction workers are among the least likely groups to be vaccinated once made available to them, according to a recent poll.

Morning Consult polling found that 56% of all employed adults are willing to get the vaccine, but the results varied greatly when looking at specific industries. Essential workers were the most wary of the vaccine, with 47% of food and beverage workers; 50% of transportation workers; 52% of retail workers; and 53% of construction workers saying they would be willing to be vaccinated.

College and post-grad educated employees are the most likely to get the vaccine, with 77% saying they would once it’s available to them.

However, another survey conducted by Morning Consult in January 2021 shows that only 41% of adults would find their employer more favorable if their employer offered employees a financial incentive to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. That favorability percentage went down to 20% of all U.S. adults when considering a situation in which their employer mandated that employees receive the vaccine.

A recent “Vaccination Q&As for Construction Employers” document released by the Associated General Contractors of America, recommends that employers encourage employees to get vaccinated rather than requiring them to do so, and educate about the benefits and safety of the vaccine, especially compared to the risks of not being vaccinated.

Where the Glass Industry Stands on Vaccination

What’s the glass industry’s stand on the COVID vaccine? That was a question asked in a recent USGlass poll, conducted with the KMR Research Department. Results showed that nearly 70% of all respondents have either already been vaccinated or plan to receive the vaccine once available to them.

A total of 335 industry members participated in the survey, including executives; field, shop and project managers; installers/labor in the field and shop; marketing and sales; and others. Industry segments include: glazing contractors; manufacturers and fabricators; distributors; glass or window and door retailers; and others.

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