The majority of construction contractors are having trouble finding workers, particularly hourly craft positions, including glaziers. This is according to the Associated General Contractors of America’s (AGC) latest survey, which states that 80% of firms nationwide are having trouble finding craft workers.

Respondents in the South and West reported having the most difficulty finding craft workers (83% each). It’s less difficult in the Northeast, with 75% of respondents reporting having trouble.

Over the next 12 months, 38% of firms expect that it will continue to be hard to hire in the craft labor market; 35% expect it to become even more difficult.

Despite this difficulty, 72% of firms expect to hire additional hourly craft personnel over the next 12 months and 54% expect to hire additional salaried field personnel. This percentage is greater among large firms that perform more than $500 million of work.

The project manager/supervisor position has been the toughest to fill, with 48% of firms reporting that it’s become more difficult to hire these positions. It is followed by engineers, environmental compliance professionals, quality control personnel and BIM personnel.

When it comes to rating the adequacy of the local pipeline for supplying craft personnel, 45% reported it being poor for well-trained/skilled personnel, 26% reported it being poor for personnel able to pass a drug test and 17% reported it being poor for personnel able to pass background checks. For each of those categories, 3% or less reported the pipelines being excellent.