The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) published its notice of proposed rule-making to amend 16 CFR Part 1201. The change would substitute the industry’s voluntary testing protocol set forth in ANSI Z97.1-2009 for the CPSC’s federal testing regime specified in 16 CFR 1201.4 for safety glazing under CPSC jurisdiction.

The notice was published in the Federal Register May 22 and responds to a petition the Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC) filed three years ago. Public comment on the proposal is due July 21, 2015.

“If, following the receipt and assessment of public comment, CPSC adopts its proposed rule-change as final, the new test procedures will become mandatory 30 days thereafter for all glass intended for installation in the hazardous locations remaining under CPSC jurisdiction, namely doors of all types, including shower doors, and shower/bath enclosures,” a release from the Glass Association of North America (GANA) reads. “Because most, if not all, state and local building codes already specify compliance with the CPSC test procedures of 16 CFR 1201, the newly mandated ANSI Z97.1-2009E2 testing procedures will, by extension, also apply to all (or nearly all) glass and glazing materials installed in any so-called hazardous location as defined by those building codes.”

With that, no big change is expected, as “The CPSC concludes that its proposed substitution of test procedures will not alter the basic purpose of 16 CFR 1201 nor significantly impact the safety of consumers or burden the glass and glazing industry,” according to GANA. “The CPSC finds that the differences between the two testing methods will not result in any meaningful difference in test results. Only a very small fraction of glass specimens when tested failed the current CPSC test but passed ANSI Z97.1-2009E2. According to CPSC, 99 percent of the architectural glazing products that SGCC certifies today are certified to both 16 CFR 1201 and ANSI Z97.1.”

However, even though ANSI may adopt another edition of Z97.1 in the future, the industry must continue to certify to ANSI Z97.1-2009E2 under the amended 16 CFR 1201.4 as proposed unless and until that regulation is again revised and updated.

To submit comment, follow the instructions provided in the Federal Register here.