Angel Garcia

Installers and contract glaziers are fundamental in the process of turning a design into a real-life building for occupants and passersby to enjoy. Unfortunately, they don’t always get the attention they deserve for the important work they do in the industry. The installer spotlight gives companies a chance to show appreciation to their best employees, like Angel Garcia, head superintendent at Crawford-Tracey. To spotlight an excellent installer at your company, email

Crawford-Tracey describes Garcia as not just its head superintendent, but so much more:

“As a young man, he came to this country from Cuba, not speaking the language, but eager to learn and willing to conquer any challenge that would provide him opportunity. He began his career in the glazing industry 30 years ago when he started working odd jobs in our shop. His strong work ethic, drive and determination raised him through the ranks to become the point person for our most complex projects, consistently improving our construction process and keeping operations smooth and on track. He is admired both by our corporate team and our general contractor partners, who often compliment his professionalism, meticulous work and dependability.

He is a consummate leader, offering his crew support, encouragement, trust and respect. He is a talented superintendent and manager, always going above and beyond for the sake of his team and their projects. He personifies the quality and performance expected from Crawford-Tracey. Aside from all of this, he is a man of integrity and has a heart of gold. With all sincerity, he lives up to his name, and we are lucky to have him.”