Crystal Pacific Window & Door Systems, also known as Crystal California, has recently increased its workforce. Approaching the 100-employee milestone as of the end of 2018, the workforce size has increased almost 80 percent in the two years since early 2017 and 113 percent in the four years since the end of 2014. In business only seven years, the vinyl and uPVC window manufacturer is the West Coast division of manufacturer Crystal Window & Door Systems headquartered in New York City. The companies also manufacture commercial doors and windows.

When asked about the expansion, Bob Nyman, vice president of Livingston Marketing and Communications, a marketing firm that works with Crystal, highlighted on the growth potentials of the area.

“When Crystal bought the property in Riverside, Calif., early in 2012, economically it was fairly depressed. Property prices were low and there was an available workforce that was interested in coming in and working,” he says. “We may start to see the results of a greater employment, but right now everything has gone very well with the growth of the company.”

Along with the growing workforce, Nyman says Crystal California has a unique retention strategy.

“We’re very flexible in terms of arranging shifts for people, we’ve been very accommodating,” he says. “For example, we operate a Saturday shift, giving people the option [to work then] if they lose a day during the week for whatever reason; they’re able to pick up a full week.”

And in terms of location, the West Coast allows new product lines to be introduced, expanding the company’s market.

“The population and marketplace allow us to introduce new products different from the ones we sell back in the East. We’ve seen there is a growing market for replacement windows,” he says.

Sergio Garcia, general manager for Crystal California, says, “Our workforce growth is directly attributable to our enormous success introducing new products, increasing sales and expanding our presence in the marketplace. Crystal’s workforce growth exemplifies the resurgent national economy and the rebounding Riverside business community. Of course, credit also goes back to our parent company’s strategic vision seven years ago, during economically challenging times, to launch a West Coast operation here in Riverside.”

Crystal California operates a 116,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, including a full showroom and sales office.