Crystal’s new fleet of trucks are covered in the company’s logo.
Crystal’s new fleet of trucks are covered in the company’s logo.

Crystal Window & Door Systems has recently secured a dedicated trailer fleet to provide logistical services for its product shipments beyond the New York metro area and throughout the East Coast, Midwest and other regions. Crystal, through Cobra Logistics of New Jersey, now has ten of the carrier’s trailers dedicated to shipping Crystal doors and windows to dealers, distributors, job sites and between Crystal production facilities.

As it expanded into new markets and sales volumes grew, Crystal started looking into expanded shipping services. Working with common carrier Cobra Logistics, Crystal established an arrangement for ten full-size, 53-foot trailers to be dedicated to the manufacturer. The arrangement is renewed yearly, and Crystal can increase the number of vehicles in the fleet as sales continue to grow.

“Crystal just celebrated its 25th anniversary year in 2015, and we now have such large volumes outside the New York area that we needed greater logistical support to provide the service our customers have come to expect from us,” said Steve Chen Crystal’s COO. “Adding to the challenge, Crystal and its affiliates now have five major production facilities across the nation that require the exchange of materials and products between them. Of course, these are all good problems to have, and we worked with our carrier to come up with a terrific solution.”

According to the company, there are many advantages to having a dedicated trailer fleet. The trailers as well as the tractor trucks are not owned by Crystal but by the carrier. The trucks are operated by professional drivers who are employees of the carrier, which handles all regulatory and administrative requirements. Truck and trailer maintenance is the responsibility of the carrier as well.

The new trailers have been wrapped as “rolling billboards” with a contemporary design. The trailer graphics include the company’s name and “Made in America” logos, as well as a project photo montage that matches the company’s current print ad campaign copy.