National manufacturer Crystal Window & Door Systems, based in New York City, is now a member of the New York Passive House (NYPH) organization. This non-profit was founded in 2010 by professionals in the design community to promote the Passive House Standard for building energy efficiency. The Passive House Standard is a voluntary design and construction standard to achieve ultra-high energy efficiency in buildings.

In addition, Crystal is listed with Passive House Accelerator (PHA), an online information sharing platform that aggregates Passive House content from other websites and encourages contributed content for projects, manufacturers, codes and construction technologies from members across the design, construction and building products community.

“Crystal is very proud of its products that offer high energy efficiency for all types of buildings, especially our Magnus commercial reinforced vinyl window line,” says Steven Yu, marketing manager for Crystal Windows. “Joining New York Passive House is part of our commitment to a greener built environment and helps us spread the word about the Passive House Standard and the Passive House Accelerator forum.”