D&A Glass Company Inc. (D&A), the contract glazing division of D&A Companies of Boise, says it has become the first in Idaho and the 51st overall to earn North American Contractor Certification (NACC).

NACC is an ANSI-accredited, award-winning credential that recognizes architectural glass and metal subcontractors who adopt best practices for glazing quality, construction safety, and business operations. By earning NACC, D&A affirmed its commitment to processes and practices that consistently deliver high quality projects.

“We were motivated to pursue NACC because we began to see it in the specifications and knew we needed it to win big projects,” explained D&A president Denise Alter. “Those of us who are certified are legitimate, solid, knowledgeable, and work within safe means. It’s not just us telling builders, owners, or developers. NACC is someone independent verifying what we say.”

D&A worked with NACC administrators over five months to undergo a series of rigorous assessments and implement standard written documents including a quality management system (QMS). The company’s certification became effective in March 2022. To maintain certification, D&A will be reevaluated annually to confirm its business and glazing practices remain at the high standards NACC requires.

“The benefit we’ve already seen is that NACC gets everyone on the same page,” added D&A project manager and safety director Scott Laird, who spearheaded the certification process. He explained that all employees understand the procedures for every project and task in the field and in the shop. “Everyone knows what’s going on, how and when it’s supposed to happen, and who’s responsible for each step. It creates a lot of clarity.”

Since its 2015 launch, the NACC program has certified 51 glazing subcontractors in 18 states and Canada. Over 30 more companies are progressing toward certification in 2022. Glazing contractors can earn the NACC credential in one or more of eight operational categories based on the company’s focus of work. D&A earned NACC in seven of eight categories: entry glass (exterior or interior), interior glazing, building envelope low-rise, building envelope high-rise, active glass, guardrails, and service work.

“As the first certified glazing contractor in Idaho, D&A has set a precedent for the state,” said NACC program administrator Jeff Dalaba. “As the NACC program reaches additional states and Canadian provinces, it spreads best practices, strengthening the industry and motivating other companies to become better. NACC gives peace of mind to building owners, architects, construction managers, and insurers. Hiring a credentialed glazing subcontractor reduces stakeholder risk by providing verified evidence of adherence to the highest standards and best practices.”