Dear USG,

Lyle, please continue with Part III [of “The Consulting Thing”] (See page 88 of the August 2018 issue of USGlass magazine). We need it.

In my latest company video, I find I may have broken your sixth and seventh commandments, but in my defense:

6) My self-promotion (Business Ethics Award) was a tongue-in-cheek strategy to introduce my point about the importance of recognition; and

7) My knocking of competitors is generic, non-personal, educational and highly justified

…. And one minor correction to the Golden Rule (No. 3) from the great George Bernard Shaw who observed that “other people may not want to be done to as you would do yourself.”

Keep up the good work!

John Wakefield

Artistry in Glass Inc.

Tucson, Ariz.


Dear USG,

I have only met columnist Lyle Hill a few times with one of my old sales reps Larry Jones, whom I also consider a friend. I am nearing semi-retirement in January and the only reason it is not full retirement is because of the high cost of insurance and I am going to be 64 years old, so no Medicare yet. Be that as it may, you can add me to the list referenced in [“The Consulting Thing”] column (See page 88 of the August 2018 issue of US-Glass magazine) and make it 32 since I do try to read your articles monthly. I remember one about listening to the customer and another about providing what the standards allow is not always the right thing for the customer.

I feel I have pretty much abided by the points in the article this month and hopefully others agree, especially since in my semi-retirement I have plans to be in the industry with another well respected [and well] known company.

So in parting for now I just want to thank you for your insight over the years.

Mark Kearns

Dlubak Specialty Glass Corp.

Blairsville, Pa.

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