Nashville International Airport’s new Ground Transportation Center and Terminal Parking Garage in Nashville, Tenn., features decorative glass in its six elevator lobbies, designed by artist Ivan Toth Depeña and fabricated by Moon Shadow Glass.

The project includes direct printed transparent laminated Starphire glass from Vitro Architectural Glass with LED light backside illumination. The panels range in size from 42 inches wide to 144 inches tall.

There are four sides to each pillar, showing flight and wind patterns for the airport. Each floor is a different color and makes up a rainbow effect from the outside of the six-story structure.

The columns appear to transform the color and energy of the motion as commuters walk past and interact with the piece. The lights are connected to the airport’s available flight information and are more active as the airport gets busier.

The vertical glass columns also help commuters locate their floor by color.